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October 25th, 2014

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Why InterFAQs?

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So What is InterFAQs?

Simply put, InterFAQs is technology like:

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But only on your site with your fully customizable information and settings.

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Reduce Repetitive Email and Phone Calls by up to 25% and Have Higher Customer Satisfaction

Our patented technology will ensure that questions are only asked once. When a customer goes to email a question, the question is checked against your FAQ collection. If a similar one is found, the customer is shown that answer. If not, it will be sent as normal, but added to that collection so future visitors will benefit from all questions that have already been asked.

Help Your Customers Help Themselves

Customers can easily browse your CRM software system and automatically be shown related FAQs. They can search your FAQ collection, print, email, or be automatically emailed whenever a FAQ's answer is updated. These FAQs can either be shown in compact mode (?), verbose mode (?), or through custom RSS feeds. All three ways to access InterFAQs can easily be seamlessly integrated into your website.

Effortless Customer Support 24/7 365 Days Per Year

Customers get the information they need without you needing to tell them. They can easily browse and search the FAQs is several different ways leaving less work for you. InterFAQs does not take breaks, vacations, or holidays. InterFAQs works strong each and every day. InterFAQs cost the same no matter how much you use it and will never ask for a raise. You can't buy workers that good. InterFAQs can give it all to you for only $19.95 a month.

Reduce Spam by up to 25%

Most spambots search for html mailto: tags and email addresses in html source code to find email addresses to spam. Using state-of-the-art technology and advanced coding techniques, InterFAQs keeps your email address hidden making it virtually impossible for a spambot to extract your email address for your website. This will lower your spam levels significantly.

Why InterFAQs?

What if you only had to answer customers' questions one time?

What if you could give your customers easy access to the information they need?

What if you could spend 50% less time answering phone calls and emails?

What if you had 25% less spam?

Would you pay less than $1 per day for all of these?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then InterFAQs can help you.

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